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Using What Ifs To Generate Story Ideas

I have (over the past two years) written several posts about the idea of using the phrase “What if” as an idea generator for developing a plot. What If novels are often about large historical events, Kennedy’s assassination, the D-Day … Continue reading

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A Writing Space of My Own

After Minay and I got married in 1982 — yes, it’s been over thirty years, and she hasn’t killed me yet — I made sure I had an area to write in. Sometimes it was makeshift, like the corner in … Continue reading

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Editing With Wordles, An Overview

Wordle.net is a website that can allow you to see which words you use the most in a document. More on it in a minute. At some point in the editing process, after the first draft (and maybe after the … Continue reading

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Mist vs. Fog – Who Cares?

Well, I do. Am I anal-retentive about it? I don’t think so, but I do think details are important, especially as a writer. So, why did I pick mist vs. fog as a topic? I’m a member of a writing/critique … Continue reading

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