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Splitting a Butterfly in Two

My first completed novel, If a Butterfly, was EXTREMELY long. The first draft was well over 300,000 words, about 1,300 double-spaced pages; but — in its defense — it’s a complex story, spread across an entire continent and into outer … Continue reading

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Writer’s League of Texas’ 2013 Summer Writing Retreat

At last summer’s WLT Agents & Editors Conference, in Austin, Texas (June 21-23, 2013), I was finally ready to seriously pitch my thriller, The Jagged Man. I thought the book was ready, too. I had been working on it for … Continue reading

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Writing Retreats

I’ve been to two writing retreats in the last six months, and they were both wonderful (and an extremely rare experience for me). I don’t know what your writing situation is like, but let me tell you a little bit … Continue reading

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Editing With Wordles, An Overview

Wordle.net is a website that can allow you to see which words you use the most in a document. More on it in a minute. At some point in the editing process, after the first draft (and maybe after the … Continue reading

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Painting the Caves as Writers

A few days ago, my wife, Minay, and I took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Cave Paintings of Lascaux exhibit that’s running at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It will be here in Houston through March 23, 2014. It … Continue reading

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Genesis of If a Butterfly – The Plot Thickens (A Little)

In the last post I established that I thought my cast of characters was complete, or was it? They were all lined up neatly on the butterfly’s route (a teacher in Canada, a rock deejay in Virginia, a scientist in … Continue reading

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Trimming the Beast Down

When I finished the second draft of my novel, If a Butterfly, about eleven weeks ago, it was 280,762 words and 1,093 double-spaced pages. After I returned from the 2012 WLT Agents and Editors Conference in Austin in June, I … Continue reading

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Pitching a Novel

During the past two years, because I thought my novel, If a Butterfly, was nearing completion, I started writing (and practicing) pitches for it. I wanted to be ready to present it to agents at the 2011 Writers’ League of … Continue reading

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