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Into (and in) No Plot? No Problem! Again

The newest (Revised, Updated, and Expanded) version of Chris Baty’s wonderful book, No Plot? No Problem! has just been published. And I’m in it — again. How cool is that! Twelve years ago I participated in my first NaNoWriMo. That … Continue reading

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Editing With Wordles, An Overview

Wordle.net is a website that can allow you to see which words you use the most in a document. More on it in a minute. At some point in the editing process, after the first draft (and maybe after the … Continue reading

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Baguette Moments

One of the great things about languages is that some words and phrases can have multiple meanings. This is especially true of English, since we have borrowed so much from so many other languages. As writers, this allows us a … Continue reading

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Allegedly About the Words ‘Alleged’ and ‘Allegedly’

Let’s take a break from If a Butterfly stuff for a bit. I have a few pet peeves regarding language. Misuse of the word “allegedly” is one of them. If you pay attention to news broadcasts, you have probably noticed … Continue reading

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