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Into (and in) No Plot? No Problem! Again

The newest (Revised, Updated, and Expanded) version of Chris Baty’s wonderful book, No Plot? No Problem! has just been published. And I’m in it — again. How cool is that! Twelve years ago I participated in my first NaNoWriMo. That … Continue reading

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My Interview on WLT’s Blog

I was honored to be interviewed recently by the nice folks at Scribe, the Writers’ League of Texas’ blog, for their Meet the Members segment. It posted today. Head on over to their blog to read the interview. http://writersleagueoftexas.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/meet-the-members-19/ If … Continue reading

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Using What Ifs To Generate Story Ideas

I have (over the past two years) written several posts about the idea of using the phrase “What if” as an idea generator for developing a plot. What If novels are often about large historical events, Kennedy’s assassination, the D-Day … Continue reading

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A Writing Space of My Own

After Minay and I got married in 1982 — yes, it’s been over thirty years, and she hasn’t killed me yet — I made sure I had an area to write in. Sometimes it was makeshift, like the corner in … Continue reading

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Painting the Caves as Writers

A few days ago, my wife, Minay, and I took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Cave Paintings of Lascaux exhibit that’s running at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It will be here in Houston through March 23, 2014. It … Continue reading

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Maintaining Creative Energy

I’ve been involved in creative fields most of my life (actor, deejay, voice work, photography, graphic design, etc.), so I understand how much work goes into the product before the public gets to see it. Rehearsing for a play is … Continue reading

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Allegedly About the Words ‘Alleged’ and ‘Allegedly’

Let’s take a break from If a Butterfly stuff for a bit. I have a few pet peeves regarding language. Misuse of the word “allegedly” is one of them. If you pay attention to news broadcasts, you have probably noticed … Continue reading

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Mist vs. Fog – Who Cares?

Well, I do. Am I anal-retentive about it? I don’t think so, but I do think details are important, especially as a writer. So, why did I pick mist vs. fog as a topic? I’m a member of a writing/critique … Continue reading

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Contests – First Page Contest

As a former actor, I understand the trials of marketing oneself (and accept them, begrudgingly). Many of the things we do in life are contests of a sort. Job interviews are a competition against others to see who will win … Continue reading

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3-Day Novel Contest

Yes, I know. I’m crazy. The idea of the 3-Day Novel Contest is to start writing at midnight when the Labor Day weekend begins, and stop and upload your novel for judging before midnight on September 3rd. It’s like writing … Continue reading

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